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Bethesda® Pinball for PC – Windows/MAC OS

Bethesda® Pinball is a game that is published by Zen Studios. This game is a different twist on the classic pinball games. This game will hook you to play pinball and it will suck your phone’s battery. Now let`s get to the review of this game and see what we will find and how this game climbed the top page on the google play store. Bethesda® Pinball strikes the same chord. It’s pinball but played on tables based on the eclectic settings of Fallout 4, Skyrim, and Doom. Each table takes the very familiar experience of playing one of these three major titles and abstracts it out to flippers, silver balls, and tilt warnings. It makes for a weird and interesting experience you might not immediately expect from the worlds of Bethesda. All three tables in Bethesda® Pinball are gorgeously rendered, featuring a kind of semi-realistic style that blends the traditional pinball design and trappings with some outlandish table hazards and animated figures that stalk the sides and top edges of the tables. The Doom table is dominated by a sneering Cyberdemon, the Lone Wanderer ducks and dodges at the bottom of the Fallout table, while the Skyrim table has lousy fire spewing with dragons, just like the real deal.

Bethesda® Pinball Gameplay and Review

The gameplay of Bethesda® Pinball is still the basics of the classic pinball game. But the twists come on the tables you are playing. As always, it’s in the little touches where the tables find their charm. Like when a miraculous “FUS RO DAH” saves a sinking ball in Skyrim, or when a bumper hit triggers the iconic bang of the Doom shotgun. The big animated characters are fun, but to me, it’s the little details that truly sing, the parts you can buy into and believe would really make it to a licensed pinball game in some alternate timeline where arcades never went out of style. Bethesda® Pinball will surprise you, I am sure of that. Just try it and see for yourself. I have never thought that such a simple game can hook me so hard. All three tables try to stay true to their namesake games, borrowing different elements of their design and translating them to pinball. For Fallout and Skyrim, this means piling on the RPG tropes. Before you can even launch the ball, you need to generate a character, picking SPECIAL stats like you were fresh from the Vault or choosing your preferred combat style between mage, fighter, and rogue. It’s an amusing diversion from the typical pinball experiences.


  • Great graphics
  • Simple gameplay
  • A lot of details for each table
  • Nice effects


  • It is still a pinball game

Download Bethesda® Pinball on Mobile

  • Google Play Store – link
  • Apple App Store – link

How to Download and Play Bethesda® Pinball on PC

  1. You need to download and install Android emulator on Windows or MAC.
  2. Please choose one of the 5 best emulator software here.
  3. Watch the videos below each emulator for proper installation guides.
  4. Enjoy playing your favorite Android game on your desktop PC.


In my opinion, this is one fun game!

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