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Board Kings is a mobile video game belonging to the category of board games. It’s developed by a mobile gaming company known as Jelly Button Games with its headquarters in Tel Aviv, Israel. The game is available for both Android and iOS mobile platforms. This casual game features free multiplayer online board games. The player meets their board, chooses their idol and throws in a dice. You also get to build up your own city as a player.


The focus of the Board Kings game is not complex. The player owns a board game that also serves as a city in which bunnies occupy and live in. To travel through the town, the dice are rolled. Each and every square that you land on earns you some cash. This cash is useful when you want to increase the number of bunnies or upgrade facilities in your city. If you roll doubles, you get the ability to collect more coins. On the other hand, if you land on some specified spaces, you are given the ability to choose cards. This may range from ten more rolls or a cop on a given space giving you the chance of collecting fines from those who are visiting. Still, to get another card, you have the option of taking a duration of between 15 to 30 seconds to watch an add telling you about another app for gaming. Another exciting aspect of Board Kings mobile game is the aspect of collecting idols or tokens. You can gain any of these if you manage to land on a space and select one at random. There are awesome such as devices of techno-esque devices or candies which are in-game devices. In order to use a special dice, you must have collected all the idols in a given series. The number of themes you can unlock is dependent on the number of bunnies that live in your city. You can also purchase gems which are used for buying items such as more rolls and tokens. Building up one’s own city is an awesome activity in the game. However, the more exciting aspect for many gamers is the ability to go to others’ cities, stealing their money and destroying their towns.


• Building up a city A player can use their coins for building up their own cities, in the form according to their own preferences. If you expand the population of your bunnies in the city, you are able to climb up the leaderboards. The population of the bunnies can be increased by continuously building the city. • Protecting the player’s own board Protecting one’s own city from unwelcomed guests and strangers, you require to land on the police station. You can deploy more police cars by upgrading the station. • Stealing from friends When you land on the Steal tile, you can win coins belonging to your friends. You can also enrich your city by stealing other people’s coins if your city is poor. • Pay your friends a visit Visit the friend you’ve missed more by hopping onto the train. You can even visit friends who had paid you a visit to your board. By throwing a dice, you can destroy cities belonging to others and own their cities.


• The audio-visuals of this game are exciting • The storyline is quite engaging • The in-app purchases are few, allowing the player to progress at their own speed • This game is addictive


• The game is too repetitive • The rules are hard to learn but easily forgettable


Bottom line, Board Kings is a nice mobile video which offers a great experience with gameplay. For lovers of board games, it would be a great game to spend your free time on.


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