Download Call of Duty®: Mobile on PC

Call of Duty®: Mobile for PC

Download and Install Call of Duty®: Mobile in your PC, Laptop or Tablet with Mobile emulator. Play every game app from your mobile device to your PC or MAC.

How to Play Call of Duty®: Mobile on PC (3 Steps):

  • Download and Install Bluestacks
  • Install Call of Duty®: Mobile from the Store.
  • Launch it and enjoy it on your PC!
Download on PC
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Call of Duty®: Mobile Review, Gameplay, Pros / Cons and Video

At last, the time has come

to play Call of Duty®: Mobile published again by no other than Activision. We all know this franchise. We all know the game, we all have played it at least ones. For me, I can say that I have played all of them.

A game such as Call of Duty®

is something that you cant take lightly. The expectations are enormous. The gamers will crush you if you don’t give them something good. But we all see that the publishers made a great game. Only 4 days after release in both Google Play and Apple App stores, Call of Duty®: Mobile has more than 4 million downloads and counting.

This is a game that you must have

This is all I can say about this game. Even if you have an old phone, you have to check it and see if it runs. The gameplay of Call of Duty®: Mobile is something amazing and something that you have never seen before on a mobile device.

The best graphics that you can see for a mobile game

Call of Duty®: Mobile will offer you amazing textures and graphics. The details and the colors, and the smoothness of the game – my god! Activision really put this game on a whole different level and you really have to see it for yourself.

The controls

is something that you will have to get used to. I mean… they are a lot. And this is no surprise I guess. You have a lot of actions to execute while you are playing Call of Duty®: Mobile.

The buttons in Call of Duty®: Mobile

are around 20. I am not kidding. The biggest ones are for movement and shooting. But then you have the reload button, grenade throw, stance and even button for the sight that you have. They are a lot, and the screen looks a little bit too crowded, but let us be real – this is a mobile game!

There are many modes

that you can play in Call of Duty®: Mobile. All of them are MMO based, and in my opinion, this is a good thing. There is even a Battle Royale mode and it looks much better than PUBG!

You will find a lot of equipment in Call of Duty®: Mobile

And you will be surprised how much customization you can do. From your weapons go over taunts and gear. Everything is customizable and you can make you a unique soldier! Download Call of Duty®: Mobile and have fun! Google Play Store Apple App Store

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