Download Curse of Aros on PC 2020

Curse of Aros is an MMO that you probably never heard of before. The game is available only on Android and iOS mobile devices but today is your lucky day because we have an emulator ready for you so you can play this magnificent game on your PC / Windows or MAC. The game is developed by BitGame INC. and is available to play online. The game has been in early access open beta since late this year and opening with pixel graphics, exploration more crafting, crazy harvesting, and yes even PvP. The game looks like a Minecraft on MMO steroids and the developers did a really good job optimizing and brining all the MMO aspects on that mobile game.

How to Play Curse of Aros on PC (3 Steps):

  • Download and Install Bluestacks
  • Install Curse of Aros from the Store.
  • Launch it and enjoy it on your PC!
Download on PC
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Curse of Aros Tips, Features, Review 2020

Fight monster and bosses

Explore the terrain of Curse of Aros find monsters and fight them to get more XP and gold.

Find items and use them

Look for items and use them so your character can become stronger and unstoppable.

Battle other players (PVP)

When you get stronger enough start PVP there is the fun part, you can fight other players and show them that you are the best!

Real-time chat

Also, you can chat with real players and go together to the quest of Curse of Aros. This was a quick tutorial and guide how to download the game. Now you can enjoy more games on Gamescatalyst and expect more guides soon.

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