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Era of Legends PC Overview

Era of legends just released this month and it’s super addicted. Made by Pegi 16  this game brings a new era of RPG on the mobile. It has also been made available for mobile like Android and iOS also you can play it on PC with of course android emulator. The game is set to be a combination of World of Warcraft and Aion online. The game has already published in China by Tencent Games also known as MT4 and is enjoying incredible Player database from all over the world. Play Era of Legends on PC with 5 of the best emulators. The wrathful Dragon God is finally awake and it brings threat to all life in the world. The different races in this world have set aside their differences and have partnered together to fight the evil and save their land. Equipped with swords, axes, magic, and faithful companions, you must rise up and get the call as one of the heroes that will face the dragon god! Get Ready! There’s a lot of exploring and champions work to do! Era of Legend is a rich with lore in a massive and limitless open world of Eminoor, which is around 10,000 square meters. Sprinkled with a plethora of game modes, it’s designed to keep even the most hardcore MMO players interested. Visit the Grand Divine Dragon City, explore the lands of Baker City, traverse the vast golden meadows, and find hidden mysteries in the Icy Wastelands. Wherever you go, you won’t run out of hero work to do.

Here you can find different classes you can choose in the game:

  1. Warrior – Main tank class, of course, the defender of the land
  2. Assassin – The elven race rogue with dual wielded daggers
  3. Priest – Elven race healers the main support
  4. Druid – Nature magic can morph and call beasts
  5. Witch – Necromancer of the game summoning monsters and DPS with dark magic.
  6. Mages – Ton of magic damage one of the strongest DPS in the game
  7. Shaman – A mix of support and offense damage dealer.
  8. Archer – Long rage physical damage and really fast attack speed.
Like World of Warcraft, you have different mounts to collect and use because the world is huge as the PC game. There is also available flying months as you get more levels so you can move faster on the map. Similar games you might like: Kingdom Rush Vengeance The game has PVP mod and arenas so you can test your skills VS other players. Era of legends released in March 2019 and is ready to play on Android & iOS. Now let’s talk about PC emulators.

Era of Legends Tips and Tricks

How to Download and Play Era of Legends on PC:

Getting an Android emulator such as Blue Stacks and Nox Player on your system is the way you can do this. It allows you to install and play mobile games and use other mobile applications on your laptop. After installing your emulator, the steps to get your game working are easy and quick. On your Google Play store, you’ll find the Era of Legends which can then be installed and launched.

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