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How to Play Happy Glasson PC (3 Steps):

  • Download and Install Bluestacks
  • Install Happy Glass from the Store.
  • Launch it and enjoy it on your PC!
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Happy Glass Review, Gameplay, Pros / Cons and Video

Let`s move our heads

Today we will talk about a different kind of game. A game that requires a little brain activity and a lot of imagination. This is Happy Glass, published and developed by Lion Studios. I am amazed by this game and now we will talk about it.

Let`s talk about the gameplay

Happy Glass has very simple gameplay which makes this game one of my favorites. This game is so well made that it could be played by anyone. This could be an amazing game for each little kid that wants to learn a lot about physics. And one of the best features of Happy Glass is that the game is very interactive.

The mechanics of Happy Glass

The game mechanics are very simple and you even don’t need a tutorial. The only thing that you need in order to play Happy Glass is one finger. With the help of a pencil, you must draw and “solve” the puzzle. The main goal is to fil the glass with the necessary amount of water. Only when you have the exact amount you will be able to clear the stage. You have to know that each level is harder.

The graphics of the Happy Glass is something to talk about

Now, when you download Happy Glass, you will see the fluent graphics and the smooth animation of the game. Every time when you unleash the water you will be so satisfying to watch how the smoothness is filling the glass. When the game is so simple, it is difficult to develop so smooth graphics. But this game is so good, that the only thing that you need to do is to download Happy Glass on your mobile device and have fun!

A little conclusion in the end.

Now, overall Happy Glass is a game that is very well made and it is very rare to see a game like that. If you need a game that will unleash your imagination and make you chill at the same time Happy Glass is the game for you. And one of the best features is that Happy Glass is free and you can download it from both Google Play Store and Apple App Store! Google Play Store Apple App Store

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