Download Pico Tanks on PC

Download Pico Tanks for PC

Download and Install Pico Tanks in your PC, Laptop or Tablet with Mobile emulator. Play every game app from your mobile device to your PC or MAC.

How to Play Pico Tanks on PC (3 Steps):

  • Download and Install Bluestacks
  • Install Pico Tanks Apk from the Store.
  • Launch it and Enjoy on your PC!
Download on PC
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Pico Tanks Review, Gameplay, Pros / Cons and Video

Pico Tanks – one of the best and most anticipated fast-paced games has appeared in certain regions at last. For now, the game has now soft-launched for iOS and Android in New Zealand, Australia, and the Philippines. The twist here is that all combatants are sat snuggly inside dinky, colorful tanks. Don`t mistake this game. It looks simple but it is hard to master! Multiplayer matches here are said to be fast-paced and intense, demanding that you work successfully alongside your team to repel enemy attacks and claim victory. Two of the modes currently on offer include Hold the Flag and Fetch the Cargo. T he modes basically are not new or revolutionary, but the games shine when we are talking about the gameplay. The idea is holding onto a flag for as long as possible, while the latter see everyone rushing to steal their opponents’ precious cargo and return it to their home base. Simple and yet so fun and easy to play. A big part of the experience is customizing your tank to make it unique to you. There is an impressive assortment of weapons types to pick from, including snipers, explosives, and even a “Spud Launcher” – a weapon that shoots only the freshest of potatoes. Which automatically makes the game so fun and enjoyable. On top of that, you’ve got different bodies, armor types, and power-ups to select from. The power-ups, in particular, seem to be a highlight, giving you the option to support your teammates with repair kits or call down devastating airstrikes to turn the tide of battle. The customization of the little tanks is a very good touch. And all of your customization maters. By making the right choice means victory or defeat. So choose wisely and give the game some time. You will need it. Cosmetics are also a big draw here, giving you the option to dress up your tank in a pizza skin or stick a “Rubber Ducky” on your antenna. One of the best features of this game has very console looks. And again, all of these features point only one thing – that this game is fun as hell, and one of the best things to do is to download it on your phone or tablet. Pico Tanks is an absolute must for every gamer with a phone in his pocket. Get the real-time killer. Enjoy Pico Tanks and destroy your opponents in seconds!

Download Pico Tanks

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