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Pokey Ball for PC

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How to Play Pokey Ball on PC (3 Steps):

  • Download and Install Bluestacks
  • Install Pokey Ball from the Store.
  • Launch it and enjoy it on your PC!
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Pokey Ball Review, Gameplay, Pros / Cons and Video

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Today we will be talking about Pokey Ball, a game, made and published by VOODOO. This is their last game and boy, they have done it. I am not sure if you know what is the publishers’ style, but you should check it out. They have made another simple and yet very addictive game. And now we will talk about it and see what is so great about this game.

First of all – the gameplay

Pokey Ball has very simple and yet pretty fun gameplay. The main goal of the game is to transport a ball from the bottom to the top of a tower. The only thing that you need in order to do that is to touch the screen with your finger. That will make the ball stick with a pole to the wall of the tower. After that you will have to drag your finger to make the ball shoot upwards. It is pretty simple and yet exciting to play but this is only in the beginning.

There are a lot of levels in Pokey Ball

that you will have to conquer. I mean hundreds. And with each level it becomes harder and harder and you will have to adjust to all different walls that you will see in Pokey Ball. For example, you will see walls with red zones – you will have to avoid them. You will see different platforms that you will need to break in order to climb to the top and many more.

The goal is to no let the ball dropdown

There is only one direction in Pokey Ball and it is up. No matter what you will have to keep the ball going upwards. When the little ball went through a little gold circle, you have cleared the stage. When you are playing Pokey Ball, you will see that there are coins that you are collecting.

There are some customization in Pokey Ball

and we are talking about the type of ball, that you will play with. There are many colors and styles and even faces, which are animated. The little ball can be happy and smiley or grumpy and funny. It depends on your style and how you are doing today!


I think that Pokey Ball is a very nice game. Simple enough to be played by all, and addicting enough to keep you hooked. Pokey Ball is free and it is a great little time killer. Google Play Store Apple App Store

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