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Shadowgun Legends is a fun and addictive adventure that, for sure, will keep you coming back for more. It is also more than just your traditional FPS on PC. At first, it will remind you to classic console space themed shooters like Destiny or Halo, but it also incorporates some light RPG elements to the mix, with a silly, fun, and a little over-the-top attitude that reminds you to Saints Row. So, at this point you might be asking “is it really that good?”. Keep reading.

Shadowgun Legends Gameplay

Shadowgun Legends is an FPS at its core, with RPG and MMO elements. The game will give you the chance to create a completely customizable looking character from scratch, but you can randomly generate one in case you prefer it. After this, you will be dropped into the central hub, where some particular NPCs will be the ones that grant you access to the game solo and multiplayer missions. When jumping into the action, you will feel right away how simple and intuitive the gameplay is, so it won’t take you very long getting to know the controls. Missions are straightforward, based on clear objectives and action-packed, while including some simple hacking puzzles. Each completed mission will earn you with experience points and fame, which will allow you to get some new skills and gear (more powerful armor and weapons), and to progress further into the game. You can also be interested in Bullet Force Even a few minutes of play will give you enough progression to make you feel is worth. The fact that you can play this game in short bursts, and get some juicy rewards from it is exactly what it makes it so compelling. If there is one gripe to it, is the occasional obstacle that the free-to-play model will throw to your chances of progress in case you are not willing to leave a few bucks in MADFINGER’s pockets every now and then. Among the type of missions you will find within the game, we have PvE and PvP missions. Player vs Environment (PvE): ● Story missions (can be played in solo or duo mode) ● Side Quests (solo or duo mode) ● Operations (co-op) ● Dungeons (co-op) ● Arenas (co-op) Player vs Player (PvP): ● Duel (1 on 1) ● Ascendancy (point-based, 2 vs 2) ● Elimination (survival, 2 vs 2)

Shadowgun Legends Story

As you can imagine, a deep story is not Shadowgun Legends strongest feature. Non the less, this will not take anything from your chance to enjoy the game. The plot revolves around an elite group of mercenaries known as the Shadowguns, who live in a consumer-driven world that treats them as rockstars and face the threat (for unknown reasons) of an invading alien race called “The Torment” (who came from an unknown corner of the universe). Doesn’t it remind you a little bit to the Gears of War series? Anyway, there you have the perfect excuse to have some fun shooting (almost) everything that moves. What else can you ask for? The story campaign is also mission based, so every time you want to progress further into it you will have the chance to do it by asking for the next campaign mission to the right NPC.


The game will strike you right away with a very strong graphic look. With a Sci-Fi movie-inspired theme, the colorful and detailed backdrops won’t cease to amaze you. Once the action starts though, you will notice how whenever the movement takes a faster pace, there are some minor flaws that will make you realize they are not perfect. Anyway, this will not keep you away from enjoying the action at any moment whatsoever. Check out Frag Pro Shooter

Multiplayer & Other Features

I can only guess that this is what you came looking for when you installed the game on your phone. And this is also, where most of the action will take place. As I already told you on the gameplay section, you will find cooperative and competitive multiplayer game modes. And although most of these modes will give you many hours of fun, the impossibility of having verbal or written communications with your teammates in some of the cooperative missions will make it harder and frustrating to achieve your goals.

Tips & Tricks

Go for headshots This might sound like a no-brainer, but besides from helping you to save some ammo, the extra rewards in terms of XP will make it worth to take an additional effort in going always for headshots.

Do not purchase any armor packs

Every 5 levels or so, you will be given the chance to purchase these packs that will be left obsolete rather quickly by the armor pieces you will get just by keep playing and making progress. Make yourself a favor and don’t purchase any of these packs. Keep a streamlined inventory In order to keep all the cool new gear, you will be getting by completing new missions, make sure to always keep some free space to store it. Get most of the action with Afterpulse

Don’t ignore the campaign missions

You might feel that the storytelling is not engaging enough to keep your attention in the campaign missions, but you should know that these are the ones that offer the juiciest rewards, so make sure to complete them in case you want to progress further and faster.

PC emulator

In case you don’t have a high-end mobile phone to enjoy this game there, or if you simply rather do it on a bigger screen and with more precise controls, you can now download and play the game on your Windows or Mac computer. To do that, you will have to download and install on your computer an Android emulator. In order to do it, please follow the next step by step guide: 1. Download Bluestacks 3, Bluestacks N or NoxPlayer, and install it on your computer. 2. Open whichever emulator you installed, and set it up. 3. Sign in with your Google account in order to access to Google Play Store. 4. Go to the “My Apps” tab, look for the “System App” folder and open Google Play Store. 5. Look for Shadowgun Legends inside the store and download it the same way you’d do it on your mobile phone. 6. After the installation is finished, the game’s icon will appear in the “My Apps” section and a shortcut will be added to your computer’s desktop. Shadowgun Legends mod APK

Final Verdict

Shadowgun Legends has a progression system that makes it a compelling and rewarding game. The missions are very well designed and the action is satisfying. In case you’re thinking about installing an FPS game on your phone to kill free time whenever the opportunity comes, this a great option. It might be the best of all available options for your mobile device as we speak.

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