Elder Scrolls Blades Best Race

Here it is! The Elder Scrolls Blades early access and thousands of players are ready for battle in this amazing RPG. Let’s talk about the races on this wonderful game.

There is a 10 different races following:

  1. Argonian
  2. Redguard
  3. Wood Elf
  4. Orc
  5. Nord
  6. Khajit
  7. Imperial
  8. Dark Elf
  9. Breton
And very important Elder Scrolls Blade allows you to change the race. So what is the best Race? What race to choose? Every race has a strength and weakness. Each race has is own story and progression so choose wisely. As I didn’t play the game yet I can’t really choose but as for playing Elder Scrolls 6, I can give it to the Breton. Video:
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