How to Get Free Credits in Critical OPS 2020

Today I will show how to get a lot of credits for Free! This isn’t a generator method I will show all the ways to get credits for free but later I will show how I get at least 4000+ credits a month.

Critical OPS Free Credits with no Generators

You can just buy credits in the shop, but there is a way to get the same amount but for free The first way is to do offers, they give a lot of credits But they take a long time to complete I personally don’t even do offers. The second way is to watch ads, but you can only get 60 a day… or can you? Later I will show you how to get more than 60 credits a day from ads. The third way is to complete milestones that can be found in your profile tab You can go to a TDM and just farm with a single weapon to complete them Now I will show how to increase your credit income from watching ads every day. For this, you will need multiple devices, best to use old phones that can run critical ops What you need to do is, go on each device and start watching ads for credits, note each device can only get 60 credits a day. I use 3 devices to watch ads, my own phone, old tablet and my brother’s phone. 1 device: 60 days, 420 a week, 1800 a month. You can add up the numbers if you use multiple devices Note that there is the maximum you can get with the number of devices, this is how much you can get if you watch ads every day with each device. Looking to play Critical ops on PC? – Link

Critical OPS Free Credits Video (No generators)

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