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Homescapes For PC – Windows/MAC OS

Homescapes is a free simulation mobile game for Android and iOS devices. The developer of the game is known as Playrix Games which is also the company that came up with Gardenscapes: New Acres. Homescapes is free-to-play and combines the puzzle-solving and garden-building features, just like its predecessor.

Gameplay Review

The player in Homescapes starts out with Austin, a lifelong butler, paying a visit to his parents’ home after planning the vacation for a while. He finds his childhood estate in disarray. His parents have plans to sell their home and move somewhere else. He’s against all these and begins trying to fix things. He repairs the house, replaces furniture. At the same time, he tries to prevail on his parents to abandon the idea of selling the home and that he’d help them restore it back to how it was or even better. There are two main sections in the game. The first one involves home renovation, the introduction of new characters and goals that Austin and the player work to achieve. The second section involves finding solutions to puzzles.
If not renovating the house or watching Austin as he’s spending his day, you engage yourself as you play the level of match-3 which is currently available. If you successfully complete a level, you earn a star, a number of coins and you can progress to the next level. To complete tasks, you can use the stars that you have earned as the currency. On the other hand, coins are used to either buy furniture for replacement or buy power-ups that you can use to complete levels in match-3. Playing at the levels involve collecting a given number of tiles and remove the obstacles from the board. By matching four tiles in a column or a row, you create a rocket that is so powerful and can cross the board entirely. A Rainbow Ball is created when you match five tiles in a row which you can use to clear tiles with matching colours. You can also swap it for certain power-ups and watch aeroplanes and rockets explode across the screen in dozens.

Game Features Tips And Tricks

• Home refurbishing Alongside Austin, you can help refurbish his parents’ house. This involves carrying out some renovations and replacement of furniture among other activities. • Power-ups To have a win, you need to match 4 or 5 pieces together and get a power-up to help you in blowing up more and more pieces. • Boosters Boosters are helpful if you are having difficulties going past a level. You can use them before you start the level. However, you will require real money if you deplete them and need more. It is, therefore, wise to use them sparingly. • Currency and Coins The currencies used in Homescapes are stars. They help you in completing tasks at the game levels. Coins are, however, used for purchasing furniture for replacement and power-ups. • Puzzles Each of the match-3 levels has a puzzle to solve. They help in achieving the goals that you and Austin set for yourselves.


• It is quite engaging and gives a good combination of house-renovation and puzzle-solving simulations • The graphics are beautiful and quite detailed offering a great impression • The obstacles are tricky and the boosters are powerful and give you a good gameplay


• It’s filled with loss of lives resulting from replayed levels • The rewards for coins are stingy with extremely high costs


Homescapes is a nice match-3 puzzle game that is worth trying out by any player. Though the levels are extremely difficult to complete, it may be exciting for you is you are looking for a game that challenges you. Download it for free and starts enjoying the experience.


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