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Monument Valley 2 For PC – Windows/MAC OS

Monument Valley 2 is a single-player indie puzzle game available in Google Play and App Store for Android and iOS platforms. The developer and publisher of the game known as Ustwo Games released it on 5th June 2017 for iOS and November 6th of the same year for the Android platform. It is developed as part of the Monument Valley sequel of 2014.


The player guides a child and her mother while journeying through architecture full of magic. You discover the delightful puzzle-solving and pathways that are illusionary. The whole time, you get to learn the Sacred Geometry’s secrets. The world in Monument Valley 2 presents you with an impossible and beautiful nature. You need to give Ro a hand as she tries to teach the child some valley mysteries. She also needs you to help her explore the wonderful environments and manipulate its architecture to help them find their way across it. The game has a number of chapters that are separate. In some, you will be controlling both Ro and her daughter at one, while in others; you get to only control either at of them at one given time. The goal of either of the two cases is to get to an exit on the screen. By tapping where you need the character to go, you’ll just need to simply tap that point on the screen. At the same time, you need to be manipulating one of the three main puzzle types. These include raising platform up and down or a beady-eyed column which you can move around and levers to rotate a structure in steps of 900. The puzzles have variations that you can find in the game. For instance, you can open a window shutter or close it, thereby, shed light on a platform. At other times, you can move around the whole levels while altering their architecture at every twist. This changes your perspective. It is not easy to get stuck at any level in the game due to its low-level challenge. Most scenes will need just a couple of actions in order to complete.


• Puzzles Each level in the game has a series of puzzles to solve. In order to progress to the point where you need your characters to go, you must ensure that your puzzles are solved. • Single-player This game is a single-player game where you can play as controlling both Ro and her child at once or one of them at a time. • Buildings a vistas manipulation To help the characters get to their destination, you need to manipulate some of the vistas and buildings along the way.


• The storylane is awesome • The gameplay is great making it very playable • It is a simple game and suited for the devices • It is fun to play CONS • The depth of the gameplay is very limiting • It is not free and has in-app purchases that may discourage gamers


Bottom line, Monument Valley 2 is an awesome game that plays well on either iOS or Android platforms. Though it’ll cost you around $4.99, you get value for your money.

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