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Nicki Minaj: The Empire For PC – Windows/MAC OS

Nicki Minaj: The Empire is a mobile cartoon-like simulation game built for devices running either iOS or Android. It is one of the currently common Celebrity Social Games and was released in 2016 by Glu Mobile. In the game, the player builds up their reputation, performance, and personality as an artist. All this is done in the world of virtual reality. However, the aspects of the game are integrated with real life as well. The player aims to climb the music industry’s ladder in the virtual environment. The game has three main components. The first is; the player can record their own voice with beats that have been customized by studio producers. Secondly, the game is integrated with Facebook, where a player can create their avatars and chat with players. Lastly, upon acquisition of skills of rap, you get a chance to perform and promote yourself socially. This will boost your profile in rap music.

Nicki Minaj: The Empire GAMEPLAY AND REVIEW

In Nicki Minaj: The Empire, the gamer plays as an upcoming artist who becomes a friend to a popular celebrity. At specific points in the game, there are pop-ups of Nicki Minaj encouraging you and trying t make you enthusiastic. The player is given a number of choices on what they should say to her and other characters. In a bid to get noticed, the player moves in New York while doing performances and networking with others. At times, you’ll be trying to show yourself off at photo shoots and fancy dinners. To perform certain tasks, you spend energy which is always limited. Therefore, you need to carefully plan how you spend it. Within a limited amount of energy and time, the player fights to obtain five stars while performing at events. Hence, their prowess will be seen. The player can dress up their characters and customize their cribs. You can also choose selected words and slot them into songs that are premade. There is a feature that allows you to sing along to Queen’s new song and record it. You are promised that Nicki Minaj herself will shout out to those who produce the best raps of the month.


• Self-Expression The player can write their own lyrics by choosing specific words and slotting them into premade songs. You can record the songs and share them with friends in social media. • Home customization To give yourself a sense of fortune and success, you can customize your crib. Afterwards, you can invite your friends and throw parties in the virtual world. • Dress in latest fashions, chat live with fans You with latest fashions to impress and wear your best clad to show them off.


• The game is free but real money can also be used to purchase extra items • Singing along is a lot of fun • The storyline is really appealing • The feature for live chatting is a great one


• The format of the game is familiar and may bore some people • Waiting for the energy bar to refresh is cumbersome


Nicki Minaj: The Empire mobile game stands out among others in the category. The fact that it is free to play makes it available to allow anyone to try it out. Therefore, if you are into Celebrity Social Games, this would be a good one to try out. Download it for free and start playing right away.

DOWNLOAD Nicki Minaj: The Empire ON MOBILE

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