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Stranger Things is an adventure and action mobile game compatible with both Android and iOS platforms. The game that features puzzle-solving, exploration of dungeons and uncovering of secrets has been developed by BonusXP in collaboration with Netflix. It is lightly based on the Netflix TV series and would be great for those who have watched the TV series. It is based on Hawkins, an iconic town. A player can take the part of any of the characters from the TV show that has specifically unique puzzle-solving abilities. The characters include Jim Hopper, the boys, and Nancy among others.


The player in Stranger Things: The game starts out as Jim Hopper who is a Police Chief. He is awoken by the news of Will Byers and his friends missing in the middle of the night. Hopper goes out searching beginning with Hawkins National Laboratory. The laboratory acts as the number one dungeon of the game. At the lab are a huge number of guards who are conducting patrols and who you need to fight against, as Hoper. Also in the lab are laser beam puzzles that require solving. For you to be able to progress from one room to the next, you need to find key cards and turn off control panels. At this point, the player can switch characters to become Lucas freely. Unlike Hopper, he has the ability to take long-distance shots at objects and enemies. He also can access the dungeon’s new areas that could not be accessed by Hopper. The other characters in the game are gathered as you progress. The unique abilities of these characters enable you to get access to areas that were previously impossible to access. They also help in finding the solution to newer puzzles that are encountered in the course of gaming. You can collect bonuses and obtain a number of secrets that serve different purposes. To increase your health, you can collect heart pieces. Eggos and genomes are the other collectables found in the mobile video game.


• Puzzle-solving The game has puzzles at every dungeon that requires you to solve before you are able to progress to the next levels. The helps in refreshing the game since you can run between locations back and forth. The puzzles are challenging and will capture a player’s interest as the abilities of the characters are fully utilized. • Gain of new companions At every dungeon, you can gain a new character to help you at that stage of the game. Each of the companions possesses various sets of skills that are useful for performing certain tasks. They come along with abilities that are specific to only them, meaning that they enable you to access certain additional areas. • Collectibles The game has a number of collectables that include eggs, genomes, and heart pieces. These are used for a wide range of purposes. • Videotape collection If the player manages to collect all the videotapes in the game, they get are given access to video with footage that has not yet been released.


• The controls used in the game are very simple • The game is addictive • It is extremely adventures and engaging • It is absolutely free


• For beginners, it may be difficult to get the gist of the plot • Some of the controls don’t work well at certain instances


The most exciting aspect of Stranger Things: The Game is the fact that it’s free to download and play. The experience is so great, especially if you have played some of the BonusXP games. It is even better for the gamers who have watched the Netflix TV series.


Google Play Store – link Apple App Store – link


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