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Subway Surfers for PC

Download and Install Subway Surfers in your PC, Laptop or Tablet with a Mobile emulator. Play every game app from your mobile device to your PC or MAC.

How to Play Subway Surfers on PC (3 Steps):

  • Download and Install Bluestacks
  • Install Subway Surfers Apk from the Store.
  • Launch it and enjoy it on your PC!
Download on PC
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Subway Surfers Review, Gameplay, Pros / Cons and Video

The infinite runner genre

is well known today. We all remember Temple Run – the game that started it all. There have been years since then and we all know that the games have walked a long path.

Subway Surfers

is an infinite runner game made by Kiloo. This incredibly simple and fun game will keep you on the screen of your mobile device for a long period of time.

The gameplay

It is simple and very easy to catch. You are a little boy, who is caught while making a graffiti. Your job is to run away from the cop chasing you.

The graphics

the game is pretty good and runs very smooth. This is an absolute must for an infinite runner game. Subway Surfers has to offer many things.

The dynamics

of the game is one of the main components of Subway Surfers. As long as you keep running, everything will be fine. There are three lines and you have to choose one, which you will run?

Choose carefully

because there are a lot of things to evade. You must jump on trains, duck under construction signs and more.

Your reflexes

will determine how far you will go in this game. There are a lot of cosmetics, outfits, and skins to unlock. You can unlock them by paying, or by playing. Of course, we all know that the second option will take more time, but you will get there.

Fun , Fun and Fun

This is the main goal of this game. I am not gonna lie to you. This game is great, but you have to consider the anger which will come within you when you day. Every time you will start the game from the very beginning and this could be very irritating.

The only choice

that you have is to take deep breaths and start again. Over and over, you will see the starting animation and you will be sick of it.

The last one

is a little bit of a joke. But the truth is that Subway Surfers is one hell of a game. You can enjoy the cartoonish style of the animations. This makes the game very friendly for everyone.

The little kid will love it

All of the kids will play tat game like nothing before. If you need to keep someone occupied, this is the game that will deliver what you need. Google Play Store Apple App Store

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