Download Word Cookies on PC

Word Cookies is a puzzle game made by BitMango. This is the best hottest game right now and is playing by more than 10 million people. The game is very addictive across all word games out there. Test your vocabulary and complete all challenges.

How to Download Word Cookies for PC, Windows or MAC

  1. Download Bluestacks
  2. Search for Word Cookies
  3. Install and Play
Don’t like Bluestacks? Try one of these alternatives:5 Best Emulators for PC

Word Cookies PC Features:

You can play many levels, in fact, they have already 2000 plus. You are getting better and your brain is always active. You have daily rewards and hints are available. The best feature? It’s free to play! You can play it on Android, iOS and Tablet. You can play it on Windows and MAC as well with our tutorial. An alternative game similar to Word Cookies is Word Snack

Word Cookies Gameplay

First swipe¬†the alphabet cookies on the baking pan to spell words. Secondly, start filling up Jack’s cookie jar with some extra words you can find to earn more coins! That’s all depends now on you. Get your brain working and add more skills to your everyday life with words in your pocket.

Word Cookies Video Gameplay


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